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Clontarf an Overview

Clontarf is situated on the East Coast of Dublin. Its close proximity to the sea has made it a community rich in heritage and with a diversity of cultures throughout its history. In the past the seaside village provided a landing spot for those who wished to invade Ireland, and because of this Clontarf has experienced a wide range of cultures, which is still evident today in its place names. Clontarf has a long history and this can be traced back to before the time of St. Comgall (550 AD) but is most noted for the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.

Today Clontarf lies in suburban Dublin approx. 4 miles from the City Centre. Because of this properties in the area are highly sought.
As well as being close to the city Clontarf is in close proximity to other suburbs such as Raheny and Howth. Clontarf is well served by the number 130 bus and the DART light rail line. It is close to two DART stations and this is an attraction to those who commute to work in the city. For those travelling to and from Ireland, Clontarf is situated close to the two main international routes to Dublin; Dublin Port and Dublin Airport.

Clontarf contains a large variation of cultures and religions. The community is served for these needs by 3 Catholic churches, a Church Of Ireland, a Methodist and a Presbyterian Church.
Clontarf also has a great number of educational facilities; it is convenient to five primary schools and three secondary schools as well as the special needs facilities of the Central Remedial Clinic and the Irish Wheelchair Association.

For those who wish to have a night out within Clontarf or to celebrate a special occasion, one has a variety of options. There are many restaurants and two hotels in the area. There are also a number of pubs in the area.
Accommodation is provided for both by the hotels and by the large number of guesthouses situated in Clontarf. The hotels are of the highest quality and the guesthouses provide an equally comfortable stay as well as competitive prices.

Despite being located so near the city and Dublin Port Clontarf has retained its natural charm and beauty. It has some of the most outstanding sights in Dublin, if not Ireland. Clontarf is situated beside St. Anne’s Park and its internationally famous Rose Garden. The park is a fantastic amenity but also an area of outstanding natural beauty. Clontarf is also the home of one of the world’s most unique flora and fauna. This is located at the Bull Island Nature Reserve, which is a world famous wildlife reserve.

Another unique feature of Clontarf is that despite the location of the nature reserve, the natural and modern worlds can live side by side.
This is most clearly shown by the way that the two golf courses are located beside the reserve without causing it any disruption.

For those who visit Clontarf they can appreciate the wonderful mixture of people and the unique blend of the modern and bygone found in all parts of life in Clontarf.