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Brexit – A Good Or Bad Decision

Brexit is a term given to Britain pulling itself away from its long time association with the European Union. This led to a referendum that was held on 23 June 2016 asking for a poll for or against Brexit in Britain, in which 51.9% supported Brexit, thus leading invoking of Article 50 of the European Union Treaty by the government of Britain. This started a two years process which was to be concluded on March 29, 2019. Now the final date of Brexit is heard to be extended by 31 October 2019 owing to some future trade and security relations. This has led to a lot of confusion and speculations among the Britishers whether the deadline will be further extended or not any more. The online Irish casinos and land Irish casinos have somehow fully taken the advantage of the situation and introduced a novelty betting option on Brexit in Dublin, Ireland.

Betting On Brexit In Irish Casinos

As explained earlier, the ever-extending deadlines on Brexit have left the people of Britain speculating whether the deadline might further extend or not. The Irish casinos and online gambling sites have introduced a unique and novel way to make this issue an item for betting. Anyone could bet on Brexit using real money through online casinos. The Buzzluck Casino has the most incredible betting odds for this topic. It’s not Irish but will bring you great fortune anyway. Or this bets can even be made in the land-based Irish casinos. Betting over the political issue is something that is quite novel in the history of online casinos. Other than real money, betting can also be placed through the casino bonus that the legal casinos offer to its players. For first timers, its always best to use the casino bonus instead of using any money out of your pocket. The mobile casinos are the online Irish casinos providers of no deposit bonuses, in which you can try many other casino games and if you like it you can play for real money.

Upcoming News

  • MPs of the British parliament are to vote for a withdrawal bill for Brexit in June as the cabinet is deciding on them summer deadline.
  • Theresa May is about to bring Brexit deal back in parliament in the summer session hoping for a change in opinion but everyone is still saying the same.
  • After seven failed attempts, Nigel Farage still stands as an MP, says it’s his duty.
  • BREXIT is said to be pushed until June 2020 since European Union rejects Emmanuel Macron’s attempts to put an end to Britain’s divorce misery.
  • NIGEL FARAGE has revealed that he feels of all MP, Yvette Cooper has suffered the single greatest Brexit betrayal.
  • When threatened to leave the European Union with no deal Theresa May told to “f*** off” by GUY VERHOFSTADT’S top aide
  • Theresa May confirms, “Britain isn’t afraid to leave with no deal
  • Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry ‘s remark on just handing Farage 100,000 votes outrages listeners
  • Nigel Farage’s faces backlash as he declined the engagement of his party in a Brexit debate
  • “Theresa May’s destructive plans will destroy the conservative party,” says Peter Bone.
  • Brexit bill to be tabled on June 3 in the British parliament.