The Decision of Brexit Has Shaken The World

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Brexit: What Happens Now?

The Irish news reports Britain exiting the European Union is a heartbreaking event. On 23rd June 2016, a vote was conducted in Britain asking the people whether or not they want to stay with the European Union. Of the huge turnout of 78.1% population, 51% were in favor of Brexit and 49% were against. Therefore, Brexit was called for. While England and Wales voted in favor, Scotland and Northern Ireland stayed back. Britain’s exit is due on 31st October 2019. Stopping Brexit would result in changing the law in the UK which neither the government nor the opposition is willing to do. Brexit can be delayed but Theresa May is willing to do it as soon as possible. The politicians want a fair deal for the smooth exit of Britain and hammer trading relationships. Theresa May have presented a 585 pages long withdrawal agreement to the European Union which is being referred to as the divorce of Britain with European Union. A 26-page long declaration on future relations has been given which states the trade, security and defense relations between the two in the future.

Brexit And Public Opinion

The Irish news reports Brexit has created a lot of confusion and frustration in the public of Britain. The public is quite disappointed at some point as it thinks that it has not shown proper respect to the referendum. The majority of the British public thinks that Britain should accept the deal with the EU before the exit. Only 36% of the people agree with the terms that Theresa May has accepted. Half of the voters think that a no idea; the agreement would be a better option for Britain. In short, Britain is completely divided on the opinion of Brexit. One out of six British voters (16%) supports Theresa May’s deal. 8% wants a referendum to decide on accepting or rejecting the deal, 11% are of the view of rejecting the deal and negotiate again. One out five voters who have mostly Leave Voters and Conservative voters want the deal to be rejected and Britain to exit without any agreement with EU. However, the most popular option remains to stop Brexit and staying with the European Union.

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St Patrick’s Day Celebrations Draw Crowds

The Day of the Festival of St. Patrick is celebrated on 17 March every year, to see the death anniversary of Saint Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland. This day is celebrated as a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland, in North Ireland, in the Canadian provinces (Newfoundland and Labrador), and Montserrat which is a British Overseas Territory . It was declared officially as a feast day among the Christian community of Ireland in 17th century.

The Irish news reports a large crowd in the public parades you can see public parades, céilís, and festivals all around regarding the celebrations. People wore green attires also known as shamrocks. Liturgical Christians are allowed to drink alcohol and eat restricted foods on this day. St. Patrick’s Day Parade in The Naples, marked its 43rd year and drew a massive crowd of 40,000 people. Across the world, this day has been celebrated widely from Dubai to Australia to the USA. More than 50 nations with more than 400 landmarks looked like emeralds as people marched in traditional vintage rallies dressed in shades of green. This was due to the annual global greening initiative by Tourism Ireland.