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Clontarf Photo Gallery

Here are the many places
you can visit during your stay in Clontarf! If you feel you are lost just ask one of the locals.

The Village of Clontarf

The Seafront Promenade in Clontarf

The Crescent in Clontarf, home of Bram Stoker. Image from postcard c.1912

TheRoyal Dublin Club House

A walk on the Bull Wall

The Clubhouse at St. Anne’s Golf Club on the Bull Island

The Interpretative Centre on The Bull Island

The Bull Island Bridge

The Half-Tide wall – Part of the entrance to Dublin Port

Our Lady of the Port of Dublin
To learn more of how this Statue came into being visit

Brent Geese in Flight over the Bull Island

The Clubhouse at Clontarf Golf Club

Clontarf Castle – Dating from Medieval Times – Now a Hotel and Restaurant.

The Cemetery at Castle Avenue in Clontarf

Waves Breaking against the Sea Wall by the Promenad

Sunshine on the Main Avenue in St. Anne’s Park

Roses In St. Anne’s Park

The Rose Garden  in  St. Anne’s Park

The Pond in St. Anne’s Park
This Pond is in the process of being removed and the area surounding it is being  relandscaped.

The Bull Wall

The area where the pond in St. Anne’s Park was – as it looks today.

The Fountain at the Pond in St. Anne’s Park in full flow before it was removed.