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Connollys “The Sheds”

Your Hosts the Connolly Family

The name ‘The Sheds’ refers back to the old fishing village of Clontarf and is just part of the rich heritage of this pub. Granted its licence in 1845 its first owner was James Mooney, creator of the mooney Pub empire. In 1882 John Clinton acquired the premises and in the Autumn of 1927 Peter Connolly a native of Monaghan bought ‘The Sheds’.

This was just he beginning of the Connolly pub dynasty, which 70 years on is now preparing for the new millenium through the third generation of Connollys; Peter, Gerry and Dave, guided by the family patriarchs; Peter, Thomas and Robert in the tradition of their late father Peter. On a good day at the Sheds you can meet up to 8 members of the Connolly family at this renowned family pub. Long may it continue.